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The Netherlands

Banking services in The Netherlands


With its central European location and historically strong financial services sector, the Netherlands has a stable political and economic environment. At the heart of this region’s financial sector is it’s thriving capital city, Amsterdam, the birthplace of the stock market in 1602 and one of the most globally diversified financial centres in Europe. 


With access to excellent ports, highly skilled workforce, and government incentives for foreign investment, it’s no surprise that the Netherlands is an increasingly popular destination for doing business. Not only is a reliable location for international operations but it supports and advocates innovation and sustainability.


Corporate service providers and international corporations need expert international banking providers who have strong relationships with the global banks to offer their clients a seamless solution when it comes to their Dutch banking needs.

Doing Business in the Netherlands: the benefits

Home to over 180 different nationalities and the number one non-native English speaking country, the Netherlands has a lot to offer for international business. Benefits of Amsterdam for businesses include its flair for innovation, technology, finance, sustainability and more.


As a promoter of sustainability and social value and home to the very first publicly traded company, the Netherlands is an ideal location for setting up a business or expansion.


The Dutch regulatory authorities include the Dutch Central Bank (DCB) and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), as well as the European Central Bank (ECB). These regulatory bodies ensure the solidity of financial undertakings and to contribute to the stability of the financial sector.


Corporation tax and financial incentives are in place to promote a competitive fiscal environment for forward-thinking companies. The Dutch Tax Authority are flexible and practical, offering a number of benefits around taxation in the Netherlands. These include participation exemption, bilateral tax treaties to avoid double taxation and for companies looking to employ international employees, the 30% ruling allows employers to offer 30% of employee salaries tax-free.


Banking in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to over 96 national and international banks, and they play an active role in the financing of Dutch companies, especially small and medium sized enterprises.


Dutch banks have committed to supporting a sustainable economy, setting targets to decrease their climate impact and adjusting their services to support the development of a greener economy.


Opening a bank account in the Netherlands can be relatively straight forward with the right providers in place to help you with the process. For businesses registered in the Netherlands, a Dutch (/EU) business bank account is a requirement.

ikyc can assist with expert international banking solutions

Established since 2012, we assist regulated CSPs and professional advisors with their international banking requirements. With a network over 30 international and offshore banks, we’re experts when it comes to helping businesses open bank accounts promptly.

If you’re a corporate service provider or international corporation looking to open a bank account in the Netherlands or seeking banking services for your clients, we can help.


ikyc international banking services:

  • Banking solutions for regulated trustees, family offices and professional advisors (e.g. law firms)

  • Quick and efficient set up of international bank accounts

  • Treasury risk management

  • Designated banking and cash management

  • Multi-currency offshore and onshore bank accounts

  • Currency hedging

  • Real estate financing and real estate lending options

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can support you with your international banking requirements in the Netherlands.

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