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Banking services in Switzerland


Switzerland is a leading international finance centre (IFC) offering services to a global client base, home to banking, asset management, insurance and consultancy firms.


Switzerland has a stable political and legal framework with its own currency. Whilst it’s not a EU member state it has its own bilateral agreements in place that ensure free movement of goods, services and people. And, with its location in the heart of Europe, has strong access to all key European and global markets. Not only does this country have transparent policies but is one of the most efficiently regulated and supervised financial centres globally.


Trustees, international law firms and family offices need expert international banking providers with extensive experience working with all the global banks to offer their clients a seamless solution when it comes to their Swiss banking needs.

Doing Business in Switzerland: the benefits

As one of the most competitive economies in the world, there are many benefits to doing business in Switzerland. Public debt in Switzerland is low by international standards and the favourable tax system in place makes the region an attractive option for international business.

With its world leading academic centres, political and economic stability, competitive tax rates, highly educated workforce, and adoption of innovation, it’s no surprise that multinational businesses set up shop in this thriving country.


The Swiss regulator, FINMA, ensures stability and compliance. It authorises banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges and other market participants, monitors their activities, and ensures that all financial services providers comply with the rules. Switzerland is a country actively fighting money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption and is focused on working together with other countries when it comes to developing international standards for taxation.


Banking in Switzerland

With over 240 banks operating in Switzerland, there are many pros and cons to banking in the region. The main benefits of Swiss bank accounts include less financial risk and better privacy – particularly appealing for private banking, high-net-worth’s and family offices. Switzerland has a clean history with minimal conflicts, supporting its position as a stable and secure economy.

Opening a bank account in Switzerland can be relatively straight forward with the right providers in place to help you with the process. The Swiss banks tend to adopt a stricter level of scrutiny from it comes to documentation and they’re also required by law to protect personal information regarding an account ensuring high levels of privacy and security.


ikyc can assist with expert international banking solutions

Established since 2012, we assist regulated CSPs, trustees and professional advisors with their international banking requirements. With a network over 30 international and offshore banks, we’re experts when it comes to helping businesses open bank accounts promptly.

Whether you’re a trust company looking to open a bank account in Switzerland, a law firm advising international ultra-high net worth clients or a family office in need of banking services for your clients, we can help.


ikyc international banking services:

  • Banking solutions for regulated trustees, family offices and professional advisors (e.g. law firms)

  • Quick and efficient set up of international bank accounts

  • Treasury risk management

  • Designated banking and cash management

  • Multi-currency offshore and onshore bank accounts.

  • Currency hedging

  • Real estate financing and real estate lending options

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can support you with your international banking requirements in Switzerland.

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