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International Banking Services for Trustees, Corporates, and Family Offices


At Ikyc, we specialize in providing comprehensive banking solutions for trustees, corporates, and family offices around the world. We understand the difficulties that professional advisors, such as lawyers and local trust entities, can face when it comes to opening bank accounts for their clients. This can be particularly challenging when establishing international corporate and private structures. That's where we come in.

Our team assists regulated trustees and corporate service providers (CSPs) with their banking needs by helping them open new local bank accounts through our network of international and offshore banks. We work with over 30 banks, as well as asset managers and custodians, to provide banking solutions for SPVs, trusts, family offices, and fund vehicles in a variety of jurisdictions, including Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, London, Singapore, BVI, Cayman, Monaco, and Switzerland.

Whether you're a trust company or offshore corporate service provider looking to open bank accounts in places like Jersey, Switzerland, Monaco, or Singapore, or a law firm advising international ultra-high net worth clients and corporate clients, we can help. We also work with accountants and tax advisors, who advise these types of clients, as well as single family offices in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe that work with trust companies.

In addition to streamlining the account opening process, we also help advisors save time and reduce non-chargeable hours spent on establishing new bank accounts. This is especially important for busy professionals who need to focus on providing high-quality advice and services to their clients.

Treasury Risk Management

Financial sector turmoil can have major impacts on both investments and operations. We help our clients manage counterparty credit risk by strengthening their treasury risk management framework and maintaining an approved panel of international banks based on preferred credit ratings. This includes ongoing assessments of credit risk, liquidity ratios, and credit default swaps.

By partnering with Ikyc, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are taking steps to minimize risk and protect your assets. Our team has a thorough understanding of the latest regulations and trends in the financial industry, and we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complex world of banking and finance.

Designated Banking and Cash Management

At Ikyc, we believe in the benefits of designated banking, particularly for trustees and CSPs where it's important to strictly segregate client assets and differentiate between capital and income. We also consider international banking regulations related to the amount of capital that banks must set aside.

Designated banking can help ensure that your clients' assets are properly managed and accounted for, and it can provide additional peace of mind for those who are concerned about the security of their financial assets. Whether you're a trust company, family office, or corporate entity, we can help you find the right designated banking solution to meet your needs.

Multi-Currency Bank Accounts and Currency Hedging

We offer a range of foreign exchange and payment solutions through regulated providers, allowing regulated trustees and their international corporate clients to operate on competitive terms with a clear view of market fluctuations and bank margins. We do not engage in foreign exchange, money market instruments, futures, options, or any securities trading for our own account or the account of third parties.

Key Benefits of Our International Banking Services:

  • Assist with opening new bank accounts for international corporate and private structures

  • Work with over 30 international and offshore banks

  • Help save time and reduce non-chargeable hours spent on establishing new bank accounts

  • Recommend banks best suited to support cross-border payment needs

  • Strengthen treasury risk management frameworks and manage counterparty credit risk

  • Offer designated banking and cash management solutions

  • Provide a range of foreign exchange and payment solutions through regulated providers

  • Do not engage in securities trading for our own account or the account of third parties.

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