Bespoke treasury for a global client base.
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We offer bespoke treasury & corporate finance solutions to a global client base.


Our team has combined experience in banking, trusts, corporate finance and precious metal of over 70 years.

Banking solutions

- How long does it take you to establish a bank account?

- Do you feel that you get value of money when you deal with large financial institutions?

- Is your money safe?

We work with a host of both, international and offshore banks, and it typically takes them 2 to 3 weeks to onboard a new client. Additionally, we can also assist you with more challenging clients, provided necessary client due diligence is in place.  


The commercial rationale for the banking institution is key in our view.  From an accounting perspective, we help Trustees reduce accrued WIP when banking a new client.   

When it comes to treasury risk management and international banking, we support a range of solutions:

Treasury Risk management

We can strengthen your treasury risk management framework. Our clients depend on us to manage their counterparty risk profile and maintain an approved panel of international Banks.

This includes the ongoing assessment of credit risk, liquidity ratios and credit default swaps.  The collapse of Lehman Brothers and the bail out of major UK and European banks, like Northern Rock, Lloyds, RBS and more recently, Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena, reiterates the importance of diversifying bank credit risk.

We believe, the ability to maximise deposit rates should be equally matched with any given level of counterparty risk.  This is key in cash management.

Designated Banking

ikyc has your interests at heart. We believe our clients are best served through designated banking.

This is particularly true when considering banking solutions for Trustees and Corporate Service providers where the ability to strictly segregate clients assets is paramount.  We also address some of the key challenges posed by Banking regulations such as Basel III, which relate to the amount of capital that banks must set aside.

Foreign exchange payments and hedging

We work with a comprehensive range of foreign exchange and payment solutions. Additionally, our pricing solutions enable you to execute on competitive terms with a clear idea of the where the market stands and what your bank’s margins are.

If you would like to discuss your foreign exchange requirements with our team, please contact Raj David on + 44 7413 485833.


Capital solutions

F3, Forum house, Ground floor, Grenville St., St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4UF

Real estate finance

Our customers benefit from our close relationship with banks, family offices and institutional funds. We arrange senior and subordinated debt and raise equity capital.

We are very experienced with the financing requirements of trustees and corporate service providers. Our clients include hotel owners, international trading companies and professional investors. We serve clients in the UK, Channel Islands, Scandinavia, Singapore and Gibraltar.

Why ikyc?

What differentiates us is that we offer competitive debt solutions alongside equity capital. Hence, for the right size, we can support you with equity capital from a panel of both institutional funds and family offices. This includes trustees, private equity and real estate funds.

Additionally, being based in Jersey, we are well positioned to access debt capital from both onshore and offshore balance sheets.

We work closely with our clients to seek relevant solutions on competitive terms. In addition to the headline cost of the debt, we focus on other covenant terms such as security and early exit penalties.

For a Trustee, we can reduce the administration costs of identifying and engaging with suitable lenders and their credit appetite. Since we understand the credit appetite of each institution, we fund clients through well-matched financial institutions.

We appraise potential solutions and deliver those that are relevant and cost effective to our clients.



Direct custody

We provide direct access to international bullion vault operators.  We design and implement structures whereby clients can hold physical gold in a secure, transparent and cost effective manner.  

Gold is often viewed as a safe heaven for times of extreme market conditions or as a hedge during periods of high inflation. Portfolio allocation often treats gold as an investment asset alongside equities, bonds and commodities but this, in our view, is not the best way to approach gold.  

Gold does not generate an investment return, but it can be lent out or used as collateral for borrowing.  It can thereby generate a yield in a similar way to a national currency (eg USD or GBP) when deposited at a bank.  Gold is also highly liquid (T+2) and preserves purchasing power over long time periods.  

We believe that gold should be a long term component of the portfolio allocation to liquidity.  

For further information please contact Andrew McGowan, our precious metals specialist on + 44 77977 38570.

Second floor, Calista house, Lewis street, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 3PB

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