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We can assist Regulated Trustees and Corporate Service Providers (CSPs) with banking.  We assist them in opening new bank accounts. This is provided that the necessary client due diligence is in place.  Additionally, a clear commercial rationale for the bank is key in our view in getting a new bank account established within the required timeframe. 

We work with a host of international and offshore banks, alongside asset managers and custodians.

This includes bank accounts for SPVs, Trusts, family offices and fund vehicles.  We can assist in Jurisdictions such as Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, London, Singapore, BVI and Switzerland.  

Banking for SPVs and Trusts


In a similar context to finding a lender, Directors may require assistance with identifying providers of current account facilities that can support making & receiving payments for the banking operations of international trading companies.

From an accounting perspective, we help advisors reduce the amount of non-chargeable time that they spend in establishing a new bank account for a company or structure.   


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Treasury Risk management

We can strengthen your treasury risk management framework. Our clients depend on us to manage their counterparty risk profile and maintain an approved panel of international Banks.

This includes the ongoing assessment of credit risk, liquidity ratios and credit default swaps.  The collapse of Lehman Brothers and the bailout of major UK and European banks, like Northern Rock, Lloyds and RBS, reiterates the importance of diversifying a Trustee's counterparty credit risk.

Designated banking & cash management

We believe our clients are best served through designated banking.  This is particularly true when considering banking solutions for trustees and corporate service providers, where the ability to strictly segregate clients assets, and to differentiate between capital and income are paramount.

We believe, deposit rates should be commensurate with the level of counterparty risk.  We also address some of the key challenges posed by international banking regulations, which relate to the amount of capital that banks must set aside.  


This is key in cash management. 

We can also identify alternatives for placing funds which may be difficult to deposit with the usual bank providers, for example a large placement value in a negative yielding currency such as Euros.

Foreign exchange payments and hedging

Since inception we have never traded in foreign exchange, money market instruments, futures, options, or any securities for our own account, or the account of third parties.  We work with a comprehensive range of regulated foreign exchange and payment providers. These pricing solutions enable regulated trustees and their international corporate clients to execute on competitive terms with a clear idea of the where the market stands, and what their bank’s margins are.

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